What to Wear on a Night Out

Whether you are going out on a date or just hanging with some friends, a night out on the town comes with its own fashion dos and don’ts. Knowing these tips can help ensure that you have a good night and that you are not uncomfortable halfway through.

Know the Dress Code for Where You Are Going

If you plan out where you are going to go, you can ensure that you are dressed appropriately. Just hopping in your car and looking for someplace to spend a few hours could cause you to regret your choice of fashions. Specifically, if you go to a club or restaurant where the dress code is at a higher level than what you are wearing, you might have to compromise.

Either you will end up leaving the place and finding somewhere else to party or you will have to wear something you don’t want to. All your carefully chosen fashions will then be moot, because you are wearing something you weren’t prepared for. Plan your night ahead of time to save you from this embarrassing situation.

No Regrets

If you are going to a grease joint to hang out with your friends, you probably don’t want to wear Puma’s Suede Classic+ Sneaker. You want something you can clean off easily. Your shoes will be the most important part of keeping your ensemble clean for use another day. You have to be wary of dirty bathrooms and floors, as well as spilled drinks and foods.

Your clothes should be appropriate for the place you are visiting. If you don’t think your outfit could handle a splatter from the items in the location you are visiting then you may want to choose something else.

Nothing to wear

Be Comfortable

No matter how good you look, if you are not comfortable, then you probably won’t have a very good time. If you are going to a club and you might want to do some dancing, then you should not opt for a restrictive dress or a tight suit. You want something that allows you to move around and gives you some breathability. If your clothes are too tight, too restrictive or in too many layers then you might be hesitant to let go and enjoy yourself. You never want your activities to be held back by your clothes.

A cocktail dress, like the Vobaga Women’s V-Neck Slim 3/4 Sleeve Party Lace Mini Dress from Miusol gives you freedom of movement to dance, get around and walk about and just enjoy your night. Try to plan your look not just for what you know you are going to do but for what you might want to do. Give yourself the ability to enjoy a range of activities by wearing clothes that permit you to move about and still feel comfortable.

Be Careful about Accessorizing

Accessories can look great, but your clutch or handbag could become annoying if you want to get out on the dance floor. They could also become liabilities after you have a few drinks. These are items you have to keep close to you to ensure no one is rummaging through them or taking them altogether.

You might want to just go with your phone in a case. You can choose a case that has pockets or slots for your ID, your cards or cash. This is a great way to keep your personal items on you at all times and ensure no one is stealing your belongings.

Alternatively, you can call ahead to the club or other venue and see if they have a safe storage area for belongings. Public lockers that are not watched or able to be locked are not safe. Make sure that if you let your purse out of your sight, it will be safeguarded for you.

Protect Your Colors

If you are going to a party or club or other place where alcohol is going to be served in large doses, you might want to wear muted colors. Bright colors can stain easily, and beer can get flung about at these places pretty easily. You don’t want a small mishap to ruin your night and your outfit, so aim to wear less vibrant colors when you can. Not only will the clothes probably be easier to clean, but any stains will be less noticeable.